Working for a sustainable future

Circular ingredients economy and
plant-based protein solutions

By focusing on re-using rejected food ingredients in the best possible way and working together with leaders in the new plant-based protein transition we:
contribute to the efficiency and
sustainability of the food chain
add value to the quality of
life of humans and animals

Creating a better world

We believe that everyone should commit to this goal. Our contribution comes from working with leading manufacturers that share our mindset and possess the cutting-edge technology needed to achieve this ambition.

Joint efforts

The critical objective in the production process is an all-in-all-out concept whereby no value is lost, taking people and the environment into account. For the commercialization of the ingredients, we are working on developments in shipping and circular economy to contribute to the goals set by the United Nations.
  • Tenable goals
  • Waste reduction
  • Marine protection
  • Biodiversity

Sustainable development goals

PLANTURE Group supports seventeen sustainable goals of the U.N., set to make the world a better place by 2030.

Responsible consumption and production

Our services support the significant reduction of waste production through recycling and re-use.

Sustainable use of the oceans

By stimulating circularity or extending the life span of raw materials, waste is reduced, keeping the seas and oceans clean.

Protecting biodiversity

Managing natural capital ensures sustainable utilization, management, and restoration of ecosystems and protects biodiversity.

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