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PLANTURE Inc. supplies the plant-based ingredients you need, in time, to your doorstep in every corner of the U.S. By focusing on new plant-based proteins, sweeteners, starches, and fibers of the future we built the food and pet food products of the future, together.
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Major benefits

With a network in over 100 countries, PLANTURE Inc. team has knowledge in every part of the world and can advise on all pros and cons of every market.
Just in time

We have all the important materials you require in our warehouse and supply this just in time whenever you need it.

New ingredients

Next to your current ingredients, we supply you with the ingredients of the future based on new types of crops like algae, peas & lentils.

To your door

By having our ingredients located around the U.S. we can deliver to any desired location your factories are based in.


PLANTURE Inc. delivers the ingredients you require, where you want and when you need

Long term partnerships

Our focus is to establish long-term partnerships with customers by providing exactly what they need and looking further than just supplying the ingredient.

Quality standards

We care about the product quality standards used in food and pet food production. Being fully certified, all the ingredients we deliver are up to your standards.

Total care

From local ingredients to ingredients produced on the other side of the world, we take care of delivering it to your door with the right quality and in time.

Count on PLANTURE Inc. for plant-based ingredients

Whether you produce plant-based dairy, meat, supplement, or other solutions, PLANTURE Inc. can assist with supplying ingredients and technical advice on incorporating them into your recipes and production.
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Give us a call or fill in the form below and we will contact you. We endeavor to answer all inquiries within 24 hours on business days. PLANTURE Group B.V. Duivendrechtsekade 85H 1096 AJ Amsterdam The Netherlands PLANTURE Inc 429 Lenox Avenue Suite 412 Miami Beach FL 33139, USA